One little plate. One big story.

Peter Rabbit is the symbol of many beautiful things about childhood. And it was the same when I was born. My Grandma chose this plate as a special gift for Mum when I was born. And I’ve always loved it, too.

Now this cherished reminder of the eternal link between mother, daughter and grandmother is finding a new home here with me as Co-creator and manager at Kindy Cottage. I’m not only bringing the plate, but all it represents: memories of lifelong connection, love and acknowledgement.

The plate is finding a special place on display as you enter the cottage. The welcoming vibe around Kindy Cottage is a mix of many things, but the love and respect for childhood that our team brings with them is a core element. (I’m delighted that other team members are bringing in their special treasures, too.) It’s almost time to meet you so we can create new memories together.

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