How do you create a good feeling? A bit of inspiration from a good friend.

Our dream for Kindy Cottage has always been to create a space where everyone is happy to be there. We’ve started with a blank sheet. A vacant block of land. And a world of possibilities.

We had all the aspirational words: inviting, cosy, welcoming… but when it comes to practicalities, what do you actually put in the space to make that feeling real?

You would have laughed when the team got together to decide: What do pieces of furniture that create and trigger warm memories a happy home actually look like? What do they feel like when you touch them, sit on them? Memories are very subjective. But everyone knows the feeling.

And then came Julie.

We’ve worked together on and off for over 19 years.

Now in that happy, busy semi-retired space, Julie understood what we needed. So, she’s come on board as our researcher and buyer, and happily shops, sources, collates and co-ordinates the process of discovery and revival.

Dream job? Maybe!

We’re so glad you’ve found some time for us in your busy schedule of voluntary work with the Chamber of Commerce and all the other community groups you support.

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