Delivering an extra layer of love.

When Maggie and Chris deliver their beautifully restored furniture pieces to the Kindy Cottage office, it all comes with an extra layer of love. As we prepare for the opening, we’re actively sourcing the very best quality pre-loved pieces to fill key, functional roles, and help create the mood of a welcoming home here in our childcare service.

First, our friend Julie sources the best classic pieces that have a proven record of functionality and delight. You know, the sort of pieces that have been handed down, and much-loved by different generations. Then comes the magic of Maggie and Chris’ restoration talents to revitalise and bring out the best. We’re using the best 21st century technology, innovation and all the comfort benefits of today’s design in this new build to create a cottage feel. And we’re complementing this with these comfy, friendly, familiar pieces that make you feel instantly at ease.

And the extra layer of love? Maggie and Chris donate all profits from their work to their passion project, a charity called Save People from Poverty.

Thank you Maggie and Chris.

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