We're building the dream.

One little plate. One big story.

Peter Rabbit is the symbol of many beautiful things about childhood. And it was the same when I was born. My Grandma chose this plate as a special gift for Mum when I was born. And I’ve always loved it, too.

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Delivering an extra layer of love.

When Maggie and Chris deliver their beautifully restored furniture pieces to the Kindy Cottage office, it all comes with an extra layer of love. As we prepare for the opening, we’re actively sourcing the very best quality pre-loved pieces to fill key, functional roles, and help create the mood of a welcoming home here in our childcare service.

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How do you create a good feeling? A bit of inspiration from a good friend.

Our dream for Kindy Cottage has always been to create a space where everyone is happy to be there. We’ve started with a blank sheet. A vacant block of land. And a world of possibilities.

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