At Kindy Cottage, their care is by heart, their teaching is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework, and Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline (Curriculum).

Igniting the Love of Learning.

Making the learning journey a “wow” experience.

Every moment is planned to delight.

At Kindy Cottage, playful learning and loving relationships underpin the planned, guided, wonder-filled and spontaneous learning experiences.

Facilitated by qualified and experienced Educators who guide with love.

Kindergarten to School.

Our qualified kindergarten teacher liaises with local schools to deliver an inspired program which prepares children

  • socially
  • emotionally
  • academically

for their next adventure to school.

Children think they are playing. It’s so much more...

Children in their early years develop long-term positive learning habits with this learning style.

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics
The STEM Experience

STEM is an approach to learning that encourages children to play, explore and investigate while building their skills through science, technology, engineering, mathematics, art and discovery.

It’s the training curriculum that powers today’s education.

Children are curious, love to play, they’re great at asking questions. And they know how to make mess (and they do this well). 

How will this STEM approach benefit my child?

STEM allows children to do all the spontaneous, fun things, while developing concrete skills in the process. 

What does this STEM teaching approach look like?

What does problem-solving, critical analysis and creative thinking look like as a child plays?

It’s a hands-on learning approach. That can happen anywhere: in our library, outdoors planting seeds in the garden, even on rainy days. 

Let’s imagine our country kitchen

Children are involved with baking. 

Educators can describe to your child what they are doing while cooking. 

  • Words like: more, melt, hot, cold, dissolve, set, steam, etc. 
  • Without knowing it, your child is exploring scientific concepts and relationships.

Maths can be fun for everyone

Not only can science be explored in the kitchen, but maths too. Measuring ingredients, numbers, weighing, and counting out the steps, timing the cooking are all early maths concepts. And also with sewing and crafts.

Is constructing a dinosaur landscape engineering?

You bet.

And planting in the garden?

Choosing what plants and seeds, where to put them so they will thrive, when do they need to be watered are all tasks that need investigation and enquiry. A concept. A plan. A project.

Enhancing learning outcomes is always the goal.

Digital Technology supports outcomes

Digital technologies are already part of the everyday lives of our children at home, and it’s the same at Kindy Cottage.

Using tools such as interactive whiteboards, IPads and audio-visual devices is an effective and efficient means to support the kindergarten program.

So, what’s our aim at Kindy Cottage?

Fostering a deep love of learning.

How does that happen?

We will keep it simple, positive and fun. 

Want to know more?

Why this approach?

Confidence, thrive, support.

In a supportive and caring environment, children thrive, take risks and experience an inner confidence that grows.

This enables each one to more easily open their minds to new ideas. To approach new tasks with a confident spirit of enquiry.

We aim to educate both the hearts and minds of children.  And it’s amazing to watch as growing confidence strengthens bonds between children and their families.

We’re delighted to have an innovative, inspiring team approach to encourage your child’s learning.

Facilitated by

  • the Librarian
  • the Wellness Guru
  • the Cook
  • the Life-Skills Coach

A fun, playful, blossoming story.

Tracking your child’s progress: a Personal Portfolio

You’ll know how your child is progressing as you read your child’s personal portfolio. Continually growing (just like your little one), it’s a visual journey of the learning throughout the year.

A little chapter in their life story.  

Something for them to keep, and show with pride.

And, you know they’ll have so much to share with you.

Extending your child’s Home-Life Experiences

Together, we’ll be exploring and engaging with local businesses and community groups. What a fun way to discover new opportunities.

Let’s create a special moment, together.

You’re invited, too!

Join us.

Celebrations and Events

Children experience working together to create special occasions throughout the year. Your child can be part of meaningful preparations as they brainstorm, plan, rehearse a play, bake and decorate for an event.

Family Enrichment

Share your talents and knowledge.

Kindness Day. Pet Day. Grandparents Day. We warmly invite families to initiate additional celebrations important in their own culture and family tradition.