Inside the cottage

Light filled, airy, designed to allow an easy indoor/outdoor flow.

You’ll find three well equipped cottage rooms each with its own specialised educational focus, plus a library.

The Craft Nook

This is where we get crafty and learn traditional skills.

The Country Kitchen

Designed to suit curious little hands. We love to encourage independence and self-help skills. It’s all about allowing the experience of purposeful and meaningful opportunities.

Things like:

  • cooking and food science
  • table preparation
  • utensil use
  • table manners
  • social etiquette

The Library

A quiet, tranquil space where children enjoy the wonderful world of books. Children are encouraged to join our book borrowing program.

The Librarian oversees the program and leads story time each morning to develop a life-long love of reading. Lounge areas are comfortable and cosy places full of puzzles and games and blocks and teddy bears and all manner of things that children enjoy.

The Workshop

The Workshop is a big free space for science experiments, making dinosaur landscapes, constructing from boxes, wood and other materials. Room for the imagination to run free.

OUTSIDE the cottage

Welcome to your outdoor classroom.

Unique and naturally charming cottage gardens foster your child’s natural desire to explore and learn. There’s a whole wonderful world available for investigating and adventure.  

Outdoor art studio and digging patch.

Calm spaces

The herb garden and picnic areas are quiet, perfect for hunting insects, enjoying a book or planting vegetables.

Discovery Zones

Things like:

  • hedged garden zones
  • gardens within gardens
  • archways
  • herb gardens
  • flowing, playful, free

There’s something for every child, whatever they need.

Discover the Getting Messy Zone

Outside the cottage

Here, clouds can be seen,
birds can be viewed and the breeze can be felt.

For Babies

The Nursery and custom designed Sensory Playground cater for the needs of your youngest ones.

The beautifully furnished nursery is light and airy and welcomes little cherubs from 6 weeks.

This protected area is setup so new skills can be tried safely, while enhancing and nurturing a feeling of independence.

A home away from home- we know happy children learn

Maximising every opportunity to learn.


One of our primary goals is to ensure a warm, cosy feel that invites an unrivalled sense of homeliness. A space where everyone is welcome.

Maximise Learning

Another key goal is to maximise every opportunity to learn, using the STEM approach to foster key learning areas of science, maths, arts, literature and creativity.

Set New Standards

In our modern, creatively designed landscaped gardens, the richness of colour, form, variety and the fun of impromptu interaction and adventure set new standards in early education.

Innovative Learning Zones

What are Innovative Learning Zones? And Why Are They Important?

At Kindy Cottage, whether outdoors in our gardens, or indoors, your child feels like they are in a homelike environment as they move between spaces: the craft nook, country kitchen, library or open-plan workshop.

These spaces, and the resources in them, are specifically designed to represent everyday life.

While it feels safe and familiar, these spaces are actually meticulously planned Learning Zones, setup to facilitate the STEM learning approach by utilising everyday life experiences.

Our setting is our most unique
and treasured asset.

Behind the Scenes

We’re committed to creating a sustainable future for our children.

Our Philosophy

We’re using the best of 21st century technology, innovation, tools and all the comfort benefits of today’s design in this new build to create a cottage feel.
We’re complementing this with comfy, friendly, familiar pieces that make you feel instantly at ease.
Where possible, to supplement our modern resource pool, we’ve sourced the highest quality appropriate items from upcycle and repurpose charities that support families in need. A number of classic books were found at the Lifeline Book Fair.
Many re-purposed furniture items have been lovingly restored by a local community organisation that donates all profits to the charity: Save People from Poverty.
In day-to-day activity, we utilise the best of modern technology to reduce water and energy waste.
We’re encouraging children to recycle everyday materials used in their daily activities.
Children playing dress ups